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This is another recipe of sirloin, easy to prepare and tastes awesome. We will tell you how to make this sauce in three steps and enjoy a single dish.

solomillo en salsa

There are recipes of what simple they are it seems that how one is going to publish, but to recipes simple pleasure of the insured. The combination of the flavor of the steak with the brandy sauce will leave you enamored.

The amount that you give to prepare this sauce is for between 4 and 6 people, it depends on how soaked you want the steak or if you have bread at hand, because this sauce is for dipping and not leave anything on the plate it 100% insured!

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  • 2 tenderloin medallions/person
  • Salt
  • Ground pepper
  • 1 onion
  • A brick small cream (200ml)
  • A cup small cognac (approximate)*
  • Olive oil

* The amount of cognac depends on a lot of the diners.


The first thing that we will prepare will be the brandy sauce, since the steak is to eat it freshly made.

To prepare the sauce, cut the onion into strips, the thinner the faster it will pochará. (This is only a recommendation, you can cut it as you want as since then the trituraremos). Put a frying pan with a drizzle of olive oil, put the onion, take a little salt and leave until it turns that golden brown color and transparent so characteristic but without getting burned.


When the onion is transparent will be the time to add the liquid cream and the cognac. Put over medium heat and let it reduce. One aspect that you have to keep in mind is that the amount of cognac varies a lot of tastes, start with a half cup of cognac and then go up if you see that the taste is very soft.

hacer la salsa

Once that is done, put them in the bowl of the mixer and trituráis. You put in a salsa and you book.

salsa de cebolla con coñac

Then, prepare yourselves quickly the tenderloins. Put on the fire a frying pan with a little oil, saláis the tenderloins and let it do it for both sides. You'll have to find the point, both the meat remains juicy and tender as to that also is to your liking.

After that, it only remains to serve and enjoy such a snack you Have the bread ready for dipping!

solomillo en salsa de cebolla

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