Recipe of chicken


A very simple recipe that allows you to enjoy all the flavor. Easy to prepare and a pleasure to taste it.


The recipe today I bring you is home, but home home. From the chicken of the grandmother, to the white wine house or the potatoes that we collect each August. Even the recipe, whenever we eat chicken, my aunts prepare it in this way, a simple but perfect, in which one can enjoy the taste of the organic meat and the products of the earth.

The chicken was quite beautiful and there were many to eat, so I can't get the exact amounts more than use your good eye to the kitchen, letting yourselves be, and get something really good with these ingredients.

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  • Chicken
  • Olive oil
  • White wine
  • An onion
  • Galician potatoes
  • Salt


Once you have chopped the chicken, the rooms and put a frying pan with a splash of oil to golden brown. In this step we are not looking for the chicken to be done on the inside, just lightly browned on the outside so that the skin to be more crispy but then what guisemos.

As having to go golden, take out and reserve in a bowl until they are all. In that same pan, throw the onion cut in julienne with a little salt and the beans. When you have, you put the chicken, the oil or sauce that is released and add the white wine.


It will be time to put it to medium heat and let it go by. The time will vary depending on how hard is the flesh, may be about 30 minutes more or less.

Meanwhile, peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes. Round them, and when you have them, if the chicken is still not on reserve.

patatas fritasOnce you see that the chicken is the you add and give a turn for the flavors to come together.

receta pollo corral

Ready to serve and enjoy!

pollo corral con patatas

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