Kitchen Le Creuset


Would you want your cooking utensils out of colors and care all the detail? We will tell you what offers Le Creuset.

tarros le creuset

If I'm honest, the kitchen has Le Creuset seems to me adorable because you can find pans, pots, large and tiny, all in bright colors and full of life as these jars of spices. Yes, the price is usually not very economic because you can find another type of article that will do the service for considerably less.

Even so, there are things that deserve absolutely worth it because the pans and the pans have to be of quality to be able to prepare good dishes, so that you don't glue the food, they should be able to scrub with ease and enjoy cooking as much as eating.

cocotte redonda

This Cocotte round is 26 cm cast iron vitrified, which you can find in a color cherry color cherry (among others) and which has a capacity of 5.3 liters, which comes to be for 6 people. With it, you can cook on gas, induction and electric hob. This saucepan you can buy it for 216 approximately, although you can find deals. If you are interested you can view the article in the Le Creuset 21001260602461 – Cocotte, round, 26 cm, cherry color

Then we find the mini cocotte that are gorgeous, at home I have a very similar Pyrex and the truth is that the presentation is beautiful and you can cook with them, although they look more like decoration for the kitchen.

mini cacerolas le creuset

In terms of baking you can find molds of various types and also trays or porcelain.

In this brand we can also find another type of utensils for cooking as it can be a teapot with your cups to the game, that if you want the pack, because I've also seen that you can buy the teapots of different designs separately, and then there are mugs like these in multiple colors.

tetera le creuset

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