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Madrid can be known in many ways but the taste in the end you lost one of its great charms, the gastronomy. I tell you what typical dishes can not miss.


Tapas in The Ardosa (©Madrid Target)

In Madrid you can find typical dishes of the gastronomy of madrid, of those recipes that pass from generation to generation and that have their origin in these parts, but also we show the typical dishes that you can enjoy in its restaurants, bars or bakeries.

Through this video you will be able to go to many different most iconic areas of Madrid, places that have to do with the dishes that you will show how it can be the Plaza mayor and the famous snacks of squid.

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Among the dishes that we enjoy in the capital, I would highlight the famous cocido madrileño and callos a la madrileña which have that flavor, that regustito powerful that each spoonful invites you to go for another more.


Combines yes, we also could not leave to one side the famous garlic soup , which has a history behind it quite different to the reasons that lead us to consume it now. The garlic soup also known as soup of weddings in which the bread is the main ingredient. For those who like the snails, in Madrid also prepared in a different way and traditional, the caracoles a la madrileña are worth to be discovered.

Tapas in Madrid

There are certain areas, such as the Plaza mayor in those who eat a serving or a squid sandwich is somewhat typical, to leave Madrid without doing it because it's not being in Madrid.


But we also find districts offer in which to go for tapas is a real treat, where you can find a perfect potato omelette or covers less traditional but just as good.


Do you believe that you can still find in the Sun or in the adjoining streets such as Preciados to the “barquillero” that, dressed as a chulapo, sells its wafers, with the same barquillera to your side? A trade that is passed on from generation to generation, and very few families continue to practice, so we stop to contemplate the mastery of each of the types of wafers, artisans that are before them.


There are many chocolate shops in Madrid where you can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and a few churros crispy throughout the year and not just at Christmas. One of the most famous is San Ginés was founded in 1894 and is still open to the public offering sweetness.

After we find other candies that you can find in Madrid, but they are by seasons, according to the festivities, as the Donuts of San Isidro, the pestiños, the Bones of Holy Bread or the wonderful Roscón de Reyes.

More information

For all those who are going to pass by Madrid a few days, or even those who live here, you have created the blog Bloggin’ Madrid where you can find more information about recommendations of the gastronomy of madrid given by Dario Barrio (Chef of the restaurant Dassa Bassa).


But hey, let's be honest, not everything is food, so you'll also find interesting facts to enjoy the cultural tourism, leisure, landscapes and others that the capital offers as this beautiful image that offers the Temple of Debod.

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