&are you;Cuántos types of rice are there?

Rice is a widely used ingredient in the cuisine but typically buy always the same type of rice when we have a wide variety to us.


In the supermarkets currents we can find different types of rice, each one is indicated for a type of different dish and each one gives you a taste and a different texture to each dish, not all rices are created equal and that we have to take that into account when heading for the kitchen.

In this video you can see a video recipe on how to prepare the rice with milk traditional, you will be able to see how on this occasion they decided to use a type of rice special dessert of the brand SOS, this way you get a rice more creamy. In this same brand, you will find a special rice soup and honeyed , along with a special rice for salad and side dishes, three types of rice to prepare dishes to perfection.

Types of rice

Basmati rice, if one day you want to prepare exotic cuisine or explore the cuisine of india this is the best rice that you can use.

Brown rice: stands out aesthetically among the others by its dark color, it is because he has not been removed from the shell.

Wild rice: visually, this rice has a gray color before cooking and after taking a purple colour soft once cooked, the shape of its grains is elongated.

Rice vaporized: This rice is indicated in order to make your paella at home because it is not passed, that is to say, that remains more entire time.

Rice round grain: it may be one of the rice used by the chef means that cooks fast and easily find in the supermarkets. This type of rice is suitable for rice pudding or risottos.

What other types of rice would you highlight?